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Happy Easter!

March 31, 2015 4:00 pm

The office will be closed this Sunday, April 5th. Happy Easter!

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Check Out These 6 Tips for Baking the Perfect Cookies

March 27, 2015 1:04 pm

Leave the grocery store frozen cookie dough behind in favor of something fresh, homemade, and much more flavorful. Making cookies from scratch is much easier than you may think, and if you follow a few simple guidelines, it doesn’t take much extra time, either. Here are some quick tips for making wonderful-tasting cookies at home.

  1. Don’t skimp on ingredients. If a recipe calls for something unusual or specific, it’s likely because it’s important.
  2. Always use pure forms of base ingredients. That means unsalted butter, large eggs, and pure vanilla extract.
  3. Use parchment paper instead of cooking spray. Parchment paper creates much less mess to clean up, and it prevents your cookies from burning.
  4. Adjust baking times to your unique preferences. If you prefer soft, chewy cookies, shave off a minute or two. If you like a crunchy cookie, add an extra minute.
  5. Place cookies approximately two inches apart. If you place them too close together on the baking pan, your cookies will melt together and lose their nice, round shape.
  6. For bar cookies, make sure you use the pan size indicated. It can be difficult to adjust the cooking time depending on the pan size, so it’s always smart to go with the size that the recipe specifies.

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Jelly Bean Counting Contest

March 26, 2015 12:29 pm

Stop by the office starting tomorrow, March 27th, to enter our Jelly Bean Counting Contest!

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